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M.E.K. Machine LLC

Improving Efficiency Without Compromising Quality


M.E.K. Machine LLC was established in 1980 by Michael Emil Kotch, with the goal of providing high quality manufactured products for all of your needs. Almost 40 years later we continue to exceed our customers expectations. Our business features state of the art machining equipment that ensures an efficient and quality outcome. No order is too small or large for us to handle. Whether you need a one of one prototype or a batch of components in high volumes, we have you covered.   We are able to ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. If your interested in having us fulfill your needs, please send us a request for quote below, and we'll quickly get back to you.

CNC Turning Centers

Our turning centers can handle your jobs up 12 inches in diameter. 

CNC Milling Centers

Our vertical milling centers can manufacture up to capacities of 24x-14y-17z.

Our horizontal milling centers can manufacture up to capacities of 24x-20y-20z.

Swiss Screw Machining

Our swiss screw machines are lined up and ready to meet all of your needs up to 32mm 

Swiss Screw

Swiss Screw Machine Parts

Lathe Machine Parts

Specialty Bolts

Swiss Screw Machine Parts

Request for Quote

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